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CoMoGives 2023 is coming up and we wondered if you’d consider hosting a Peer-2-Peer (P2P) campaign on our behalf?


A P2P is a way for you to reach out to your circle of influence – friends, family, neighbors, coworkers – to tell them why you love and support the Missouri State Parks Foundation.


Here’s how it works:

  1. You dream up your P2P campaign, and submit it (details to follow).


  2. The CoMoGives website will create a page for your P2P with a link you can publicize to your circle. You can email it, put it on your social media pages, website, or whatever way works best for you! Simply include the link in whatever message you give to your peers. Also, anyone can find your P2P page by navigating to the Missouri State Parks Foundation page within the CoMoGives website.


So how do you come up with a P2P?

Keep in mind that the best P2Ps present a challenge of some sort, and the more fun the challenge, the more activity it will get. Ideally your P2P will say “if you’ll make a donation to the Missouri State Parks Foundation through my page, I will do something fun / interesting / difficult / embarrassing / funny / notable in return.”


Example: “The first 20 people who give $25+ to Missouri State Parks Foundation through my page get to throw a pie in my face.”


Example: "Pledge to donate $1 per mile I ride my bike." (A great way to raise funds and awareness while doing something you love.)


Example: Host a holiday dinner party and ask guests to pay a “cover charge” on you peer-to-peer page. (Reach out to me and I can provide MSPF brochures to you for this type of P2P.)


CoMoGives provides some awesome ideas for P2Ps here!


Well, what do you think? Are you in? Reach out to me and we can chat or go ahead and sign up on the CoMoGives Webpage here.



Tyler Rieke, Executive Director

Missouri State Parks Foundation

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