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Missouri State Parks


Missouri's state park system contains 92 parks and historic sites, and is one of the Top Four State Park Systems in the nation. Since 2001, the Missouri State Parks Foundation has been helping our wonderful Missouri State Parks create top-notch experiences for residents and  visitors alike. We have supported fundraising for Don Robinson State Park, the Battle of Island Mound Historic Site, enhancements to the Katy Trail and small, but important, projects all over the state.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Missouri Division of State Parks to create and sustain an outstanding collection of scenic parks and recreation areas, and to preserve and protect significant environmental areas, historical and cultural sites.

Board of Directors

President:     John Riddick, Columbia

Treasurer:     Kirk Payne, Kansas City

Secretary:     Mary Kromrey, Springfield

                      Mikel Garrett, Wildwood

                      Steve Mahfood, Wildwood

                      Mark McHenry, Kansas City

                      Axie Hindman, Columbia

                      Sarah Davis, Springfield



The Missouri State Parks Foundation was founded in September 2001. 

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