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Rock Island Trail State Park

Missouri's Newest and 93rd State Park

Spanning a section of the former corridor of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, Rock Island Trail State Park encompasses the former Rock Island Spur of Katy Trail State Park – 47.5 miles of developed trail extending from Pleasant Hill to Windsor, Missouri. An additional 144 miles of undeveloped corridor extends from Windsor to Beaufort, Missouri, and remains closed to the public until the trail is developed. Another 12.6-mile section of active rail line from Beaufort to Union is available to build on as a “rail with trail.”
The Missouri State Parks Foundation has worked with 20 partners and allies from across the state whose collective goal was to turn the Rock Island Rail Corridor into Rock Island State Park. On June 30, 2023, Missouri Division of State Parks announced that Rock Island Trail State Park was designated as Missouri's 93rd State Park. 

Only the Pleasant Hill to Windsor section is open for public use at this time. This section includes the trailheads at Pleasant Hill, Medford, Chilhowee, Leeton and Windsor. Public use of the undeveloped section is prohibited.


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Rock Island Trail

Rock Island Trail

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The rail corridor that is now the Rock Island Trail State Park was gifted to the State by Missouri Central Railroad-a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ameren, a major regional utility that serves large areas in Missouri and Illinois. 


Rock Island Trail State Park: Connecting Communities

To learn about the Rock Island Trail State Park's trailside communities, visit the links below

Trailside Communities

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